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We can help you with full-service garden clearance. So in case the vegetation around your property is steadily trying to take over, just give us a call and your trusty specialists will clear the site for you right down to the last blade of grass if that is what you wish.


What’s Included


Just tell us exactly what you need and your garden clean up service will be carried out in accordance to your specific requirements. It can include:


  • Full garden and site clearance


  • Trimming and cutting back of any messy hedges


  • Scything down of all long grass and shrubbery


  • Pruning of overgrown trees that block sunlight


  • Weeding and turning of plant beds and borders


  • Removal of specific plants and shrubs you don’t want


  • Grass and leaf clearance


And don’t forget that your service comes with a FREE garden waste removal of up to 180L of refuse.This is 2 90-litre bags. If want us to dispose of more than 180L of green waste, you will be charged a fee per bag. Also, the experts will be happy to give you some helpful tips on how to prevent overgrowth in the future.