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T&T Pro Services can give you a hand when you are in need of regular lawn maintenance. Whether it’s to cut overgrown grass, a one-off lawn mowing, we can offer you a wide range of lawn services. Simply contact us and explain exactly what kind of lawn treatment you need. The experts will visit your property soon and handle the job for you. We can also give you professional advice on how to maintain a healthy lawn, seasonal grass care tips and when is the best time to mow a lawn


What’s Included?


  • Lawn Mong – Even the most generic garden care task like grass mowing is carried out with remarkable diligence by the expert gardeners.


  • Grass Trimming – Not a single grass blade will be left unattended, trust the specialists for an exceptional trimming.


  • Edging and borders – The edges of your lawn can look whatever you like. If you have any grass edging ideas, just let the experts know and they will do it for you. They can install any decorative elements as part of a landscaping service and leave your lawn looking neat and tidy.


  • Top Dressing – In case the grass of your lawn is growing unevenly, your gardeners can enrich the soil with the right fertilizing concoction to fix the issue.


  • Lawn Feeding – Fertilising the soil correctly is vital and you can fully rely on your gardeners for this task. They will also take a variety of anti-weed and moss measures.